Building a Work-space You Enjoy

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August 2, 2019 | by: James

Building a Work-space You Enjoy

Sitting at a desk probably isn’t the first thing on your list of fun activities, but you can design an office or home work-space that minimizes frustration and you look forward to using.

Cozy Office Space


If you’re planning on working long hours it is important that you can remain comfortable at your desk. Most chairs are rated based on how long they’re going to be used. ‘Task’, ‘Full-Time’, or ‘Shift’ might be some of the terms you’ve heard before. A task chair may be designed only for 2-4 hours of use at a time, while a ’24-Hour’ chair is designed to withstand multiple shifts of users. Make sure you have the chair that fits your needs and level of comfort.

Height Adjust

Even with a great chair, sitting long periods isn’t exactly healthy, so using a height adjustable table can allow you to stand up and stretch for periods while you still work. This avoids pain in the back and neck while improving circulation.


Sitting in a manner that is natural for the body will also help reduce discomfort or conditions like Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). By using a height adjustable table along with a keyboard tray and monitor arms, you can adjust the computer to be in a comfortable position. Your wrists should be straight when using the keyboard and your eyes should be close to level with the top of the monitor. 


A hard floor may be resilient, but doesn’t always create an inviting atmosphere. You might consider using a small, low-pile carpet to put your chair on, or upgrade to large rubber casters designed for hard surfaces. If your office has a high-pile carpet, we recommend using a floor-mat which makes it easer to roll and stops long-term damage to the carpet. If you’re standing at your workstation you could also use an anti-fatigue mat.


Hanging art or bringing in soft seating can not only make a space nice to look at, the items will also help reduce echoes or ‘reverb’ in a room making the space feel cozier and more inviting. 

Buy Rite

Buy Rite has been designing commercial and home offices spaces for over a decade. If you want more advice on how to best set up your work-space, contact one of our designers at or 604-999-7483. 


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