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Expertise in Contract Office Furniture and Space Planning
in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Welcome to Buy Rite, the leading name in contract office furniture and professional space planning services for Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Burnaby, and Richmond. Elevate your workspace with our personalized, high-quality office solutions.

What We Offer
Top-Quality Commercial Furniture: Browse through our carefully curated selection of premium office desks, ergonomic chairs, and robust storage solutions. All designed to add value and functionality to your workspace.

Deep Industry Experience
With over two decades in the business, our expertise is your advantage in fulfilling all your office needs.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction
We go above and beyond to ensure your needs are met, offering full-service options along with eco-friendly, Canadian-made furniture.

Professional Space Planning Services
Achieve the ideal blend of aesthetics, efficiency, and comfort in your office with our specialized consultancy.

Modular Office Solutions
Our flexible modular systems adapt to the evolving needs of your business landscape.

End-to-End Services in Greater Vancouver
From the first stage of delivery and assembly to final decommissioning and storage, we offer a turnkey approach to your office setup.

Locally Owned, Trusted for Over Two Decades
Proudly serving Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and the entire Fraser Valley region, we are a 100% Canadian-owned business committed to exceptional service and office solutions.

Connect With Us
Ready to elevate your workspace? Schedule an in-showroom consultation, call us, or shoot us an email. Experience the seamless, personalized service that sets Buy Rite apart in the Greater Vancouver area. Discover our premium office solutions today. Contact us via our web form, or email us at

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Why Choose Buy Rite?



We are for progressive-minded people with a passion for doing things right

You value excellence and are always looking to grow and improve your business. You may be frustrated by things that get in the way. You’re open to creative new ideas and collaboration..



You’ll feel welcome and guided with genuine care

You feel your needs matter and ideas are welcomed. We make it easy to find the solution you need, leaving you feeling understood and looked after.



We create inspiring and productive workspaces, designed for you

Together, we discover the need, plan the space, and make it happen - unlocking the potential in not only your workspace, but the people in that space too.



You get a space you’re proud to work and grow in

A workspace that reflects your pride and ambition, and enables your people and business to thrive.

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Bringing Nature Into Your Office

Bringing Nature Into Your Office Leveraging the Air-Purifying Power of Houseplants for Healthier Office Spaces Indoor air quality is a growing concern, with many modern airtight office buildings allowing the accumulation of air pollutants that lead to “sick building syndrome.” Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) off-gassed from office furniture, carpet, cleaning products, and electronics...

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Furniture Finishes that Endure

Furniture Finishes that Endure Materials That Will Last in High Traffic Spaces If you run a busy office with lots of employees and visitors coming and going, you know how quickly furniture can get worn down and scratched up. Choosing durable finishes that can withstand heavy daily use is key for offices that see a lot of traffic. Here are some of the best options to consider when...

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