Furniture Disposal & Recycling

Dispose, Recycle and Remove Office Furnishings

Planning to vacate a workspace? Do you need to clear away obsolete office furniture? You can rely on our team of experts to help you clean up and in quick time!
Our highly trained installers will carefully dismantle and remove the excess furniture from your space. We are mindful of our environmental impact so we sort recycle, upclycle and donate as much as possible in efforts to keep excess furntiure out of landfills.

The fastest way to get started a free estimate of our furniture removal and disposal services is to

email the following to:

  1. Photos of the items you need removed
  2. List of items
  3. Location and business hours
  4. Removal deadline (latest possible date for items to be removed)
  5. Name and contact phone number

Once done, we will contact you as soon as possible with next steps.

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