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The Pros and Cons of Selecting Either Wood Veneer or Laminate Furniture


Looking for affordable office furniture that is stylish, professional and durable at the same time? Wood veneer and laminate finish are the top choices for companies that that want sophisticated desks, sturdy office chairs and contemporary conference room furniture that not only impresses customers and associates but also creates a sleek and professional impression.

But how do you select between laminate and wood veneer office furniture? Which one is more cost effective, lasts longer, represents more style flexibility and requires less maintenance and repair in the long run? Here is a brief comparison that will help you make the right decision. Take a look:

Wood Veneer Office Furniture

Wood veneer office furniture is manufactured using thin slices of wood that have been affixed over a hard substrate material. More resilient to moisture and chipping than solid wood office furniture, wood veneer is an ideal choice for those who are looking for modern office furniture that looks elegant, classy and highly professional. Usually available in warm teak and rich hues, wood veneer furniture is not only used widely in high profile corporate offices but also in executive firms working in finance, insurance, legal and healthcare sectors.


a) Looks sophisticated and executive

b) More durable yet cheaper than real wood

c) The material is of a higher quality as compared to laminate


a) Requires more maintenance and repair as it scratches easily

b) More expensive as compared to laminate furniture

Laminate Office Furniture

For those who are after more cost effective and affordable office furniture for office desks and high traffic areas, laminate furniture offers a great deal of variety and versatility in design. The high price to value ratio of laminate furniture is unmatched in the market and it is also known for its durability and long term reliability. Laminate furniture is usually made of printed laminated sheets and the sturdy look is great for small to medium sized office.


a) More affordable than wood veneer furniture

b) Offers more colors and styles to choose from

c) Is not affected by stains and more susceptible to chipping so can be used in high traffic areas

d) Needs little to no maintenance

e) Very scratch resistant

f) Can last for more than 10 years without fading


a) Can Look less professional as compared to wood veneer especially for conference room furniture.

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