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October 11, 2022 | by: James

Staff Favorites: Height Adjustable Tables

We've spent years of testing a wide range of office furniture and want to share with you our all-time favorites!

Most Range


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The Victory's top can go as low as 22.5" and as high as 48.5". That's over two feet of vertical range! To cover that distance it needs to move quick too, adjusting at 1.4 inches per second. Three-leg versions are also available for the Victory

More About the Victory

Best Seller



This HAT (what we call Height Adjustable Tables in the office), is one of our best selling options. It offers many features while retaining an attractive price. The Calypso has a 24.4" to 50" height range, 3-stage legs and programmable memory positions. The actuator system synchronizes the motors driving each leg.

More About the Calypso


Best Value


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While it moves a little slower than the other models, the Athena is stocked locally so it's a good option if you need something as soon as possible and at an cost considerate price.

More about the Athena

Highest Quality



Soft start and stop, integrated control unit shelf, steel construction, low power standby, dual motors, digital keypad, and more. The All-Flex has everything you'd ever need in a height-adjustable-table. Its adjustable cross channels, top supports, and feet, making it one of the most adjustable and versatile table bases on the market.

More about the All-Flex Outlines

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