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March 8, 2022 | by: James

STAFF PICKS: Ergonomic Chairs

After years of trying out a huge range of different office furniture, we wanted to share with you our all-time favorites!

Most Comfortable

ObusForm Comfort

James' and Hasan's Pick

1241-3-G3-TC74 image

Comfort is subjective to the person sitting in the chair, so we always recommend you stop by our showroom to try out a few chairs before you buy. With that said, the “ObusForm Comfort” has its best quality right in the name. This chair has thick padding and is highly adjustable with its ratcheting back, swiveling arms, and sliding seat pan. You can even go the extra mile and upgrade to the 'Schukra' adjustable lumbar support which allows you to move the lower back support in and out depending on how stiff your back is feeling that day.

More About the ObusForm Comfort

Sleekest Design

Freedom Headrest

Hasan's and Tiara's Pick


Humanscale is known for their innovative ergonomic solutions and the “Freedom Headrest” is a great example. This chair features just a single adjustment lever to control the height. All the adjustments for the back and tilt are done automatically; the chair adapting to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture. The height of the arms are adjusted simply by grabbing the ends of the pads with your finger and pull them up or down. A very natural and intuitive design. The Freedom Headrest is a Living Product Certified, meeting it meets the most rigorous sustainable manufacturing criteria to date. This means that Freedom Headrest is climate, water and energy positive.

More About the Freedom

Mesh-Back All-Star


Zane's Pick

x3 black.jpg

Finding an comfortable, ergonomic, mesh-back chair can be challenging. Fortunately the “X3” from X-Chair fits the bill. It features a sliding seat pan, active lumbar support and a ratcheting back height adjustment. You can also get it with a cool upgrades, like a cooling/heated massage chair back, a head-rest, and roller-blade style wheels for carpets. Or just for fun. We also have the X-1 and X-2 if you want to try a more economical alternative.

More About the X3

Best Value

86200 Series

James' Pick


The “Eighty-six two-hundred”, as we call it in the office, is our best priced ergonomic chair that still meets our expectations for quality and adjustability. Even at this price point it retains a full multi-tilter mechanism with the ability to adjust seat tilt and back tilt independently. It also comes in both mid-back and high-back versions. We typically recommend the basic black fabric seat, but it can be upgraded to a coloured seat and/or a headrest and minimal additional cost.

More About the 86200

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