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September 16, 2021 | by: James

We're changing the way we work

Back to the office

Can you believe we’re finally heading back into the office? I know I can’t. For a long time, my commercial office felt like a distant memory. I had secured a comfy spot on my sofa with a good Wi-Fi connection and bought a new coffee machine in the kitchen— I was set for the work-from-home lifestyle. I immersed myself in my new workspace, as I’m sure you did too. And for a while, it worked well. As the months ticked by and the dent in my sofa cushion grew, it started to dawn on me... I might never see those office walls again! 

Fast-forward eighteen months, and we’re finally stepping foot back in the office. Our team has been relentlessly discussing the layout of our post-pandemic office. We want to be accommodating to everyone’s needs whilst ensuring we create a safe space that fosters productivity. I’m sure you and your team feel the same. We’ve managed to come up with a design for our new office that caters to our needs. If you’re struggling to structure a post-pandemic office space, why not take inspiration from us?

What will Post-Covid workplaces look like?

As we sat down to discuss changes to our office space, we knew we needed to change the way we worked. Not only has the pandemic implemented new safety measures, but after over a year at home, communication and collaboration was now a top priority. We wanted to create a space that enabled us to enjoy the elements of work that the pandemic took away.

Smart office design for a hybrid team

Whilst we're overjoyed to be back in the office, we understand having more time at home has significant benefits for our employees. Combining our pre- and post-pandemic work environments, we now have a hybrid team, with employees working remotely and in the office at different times.

Catering to a hybrid team

Having a hybrid team means the people in the office vary daily. Rather than having designated desks for employees, we decided to have a hot desk system. By hot desking, we have more desk space available and remain Covid safe by limiting the number of objects in the office. Workers don't clutter desk space with trinkets and toys. And every desk is wiped clean after use. 

Spaces for collaboration

Zoom was a blessing for those lockdown workdays. However, if we're honest, it doesn't foster the same interactive and creative environment being in a room together does. When we decided to re-enter the office, creating collaborative spaces was a priority. We've installed media tables for client meetings and group discussions. Our team meets around these tables for creative sessions and important briefs. Being all together in one space makes us feel like a team again.

Safety is still our top priority

We're excited to be collaborating again. However, we know Coronavirus hasn't gone away. To ensure safety and make our workers feel comfortable returning to the office, we've had Covid Wellness Screens installed around the office. Every desk is equipped with an anti-bacterial kit, and all team members are aware of the measures they need to take to ensure the safety of others.

We're excited about working from the office again. How are you and your team feeling? We'd love to know what your post-pandemic office space looks like? Send us an e-mail and let us know! info@buyritebc.com


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