Have a bad back at the office?

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August 16, 2021 | by: Christa

Have a bad back at the office?

artopex height adjustable desk

Experiencing a bad back or are you just tired of sitting at your desk 9-5? You may have heard about the extremes of the people running on the treadmill while working on their computers or more likely the trend of standing desks. So, what are standing desks and why are they so in trend?

A standing desk is a desk that allows you to change the height of the desk to alternate from sitting to standing on your demand for whenever you like. Imagine working long hours on meeting a deadline and suddenly your back starts to ache, well...push that button to allow the desk to rise and work at standing height and pain away. By taking breaks in between sitting for long periods of time, we can help improve physical, metabolic, and even mental health.

Calypso height-adjustable base (https://www.buyritebc.com/calypso-height-adjustable-desks)

calypso height adjustable desk

  • 25" height adjustable range (24.4"-50")
  • 1.3"/sec adjustment speed
  • 3 programmable memory positions including home button
  • Select models are made in Canada

ESI height-adjustable desk (https://www.buyritebc.com/triumph-lx-height-adjustable-desks)

esi sit stand desk

  • 17" height adjustable range (26.5"-43.5")
  • Gyro sensor anti-collision
  • 1.4"/sec adjustment speed
  • Soft start and stop

Medina Series height adjustable desk (https://www.buyritebc.com/medina-series-height-adjustable-desks)

medina height adjustable desk

  • Desk adjusts from 29.5”-47.25”
  • Moves at .75” per second
  • Available in 5 laminate finishes
  • Upscale style with modesty panel, perfect for private offices

With these options and many more, you are sure to find a suitable desk for your style and workstyle. Want assistance with finding the right height adjustable desk for your workspace? Reach out to one of our sales rep and we are here to help guide you through selecting the right pieces of office furniture.


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