Phone Booths are Back

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November 28, 2019 | by: James

Phone Booths are Back

You’re not going to find a rotary phone in a modern office, but the need for privacy during a phone call remains. Phone booths are coming back and similar small privacy booths are becoming more common. You might have seen one of these at the airport or a train station, but they’re also a perfect fit for an office or any other shared space. Buy Rite has access to a range of options for booths.

Phone Booth

Designed with recycled materials, ROOM’s Phone Booth is available in white or black, with oak accents and features a built-in desk, magnetic board and two power outlets. An ethernet port available as add-on.

The walls contain 1.6 inches soundproofing materials to block outside noise while absorbing the sound from within, removing distractions.

When occupied, a motion sensor activates the fans and the LED light, helping you stay cool and energy efficient. The lower airflow inlet constantly pulls in fresh air while the two ultra-quiet ceiling fans push warm air out.

Mute Box

Without requiring changes to the existing building, you can use Artopex’s Mute Box to add a small private meeting space to your office. Solo fits a single user while Collab can accommodate up to four people.

Many different sound reduction methods are used in the Mute Box including a 3-inch air gap in the walls, high density soundproofing, double-pane glass walls, and door seals.

Ventilation is optimized with high performance air flow and adjustable power.

Every booth can be personalized with a choice of options:

  • Matching tables
  • Matching seating
  • Wall-mounted or telescoping monitors.
  • Multiple outlet options including power, USB, and HDMI.
  • A wide variety of interior, exterior and seating finishes.

If you’re interested in getting a privacy booth for your office, talk to one of our design consultants at 604-999-7483 or


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