Where the Rubber Hits the Road (or the butt hits the chair)

October 1, 2019 | by: James


Where the Rubber Hits the Road

Some advice I’ve been following since I’ve heard it is to “invest where the rubber hits the road”. In other words, wherever you physically come in to contact with the environment is where you want the best stuff to most effectively improve your quality of life. Since we spend most of our lives either walking, driving, sleeping or sitting, that means you want to put serious consideration in your shoes, tires, bed and chair respectively.

Most people know what a comfortable shoe feels like, but not many people know how to properly buy a throne that fits their butt. The right fit will obviously vary depending on your body shape and size, but what you’re doing in that seat will also come into consideration.

There are entire university courses for Occupational Ergonomics and Kinesiology but to summarize, you want a sitting position that will both keep you active while minimizing stress on your joints and tendons.

That 20-dollar bargain chair you picked up from your old college roommate might look like a good deal on the surface, but I bet within a week you’ll be eyeing other people’s seats, if you know what I mean.

So how much should you spend on a chair? That depends, but at Buy Rite we recommend anywhere from $300 to $1,000. That might seem like a lot up-front, but consider a quality chair, with warranty, will last you five to ten years, that price-tag looks much more reasonable. Also consider how much time you’ll be sitting on that foam cushion. If you work a full-time job at a desk, that’s nearly one-third of your life that saddle will be holding you up.

Since I’m running out of synonyms for ‘chair’ I’ll wrap it up here. If you need help picking out the perfect pillion for your posterior give us a call at 604-999-7483 or email us at info@buyritebc.com

We’ve also just updated our 2019 furniture catalogue where you can find a solid selection of office chairs. Check it out here: https://www.buyritebc.com/buyrite-catalogue

-James Moore
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