How a Desk Can Inspire Creativity

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April 26, 2019 | by: Chuck

A desk is far more than a surface on which you work. When highly functional, well-organized, and completely personalized, a desk can be a source of inspiration and creativity. It can help you overcome writer’s block, motivate you to meet deadlines, and even stimulate fresh ideas to help you advance your career and personal endeavours. We’re highlighting the necessary applications to set up a desk that supports productivity and creativity, and how you can get started today.


Desk functionality is a top consideration if you’re looking to improve your working habits and spark inspiration. Accomplishing any type of work, let alone new methods and ideas, is near impossible when your space is lost in clutter; your energy is spent cleaning things up or shifting things around. Desks must be functional, accommodating sufficient surface area, storage options, and wire concealment options. You should also consider desk material type. A metal desk may feel cold and mundane, while a live-edge desk may just remind you of your favourite outdoor activities and make you feel excited. Desk configuration is also an important factor. You may find that an L-shaped desk, like those in our Ionic Series, is more conducive to your workstyle and habits than a standard layout, for example.


You can have the most functional desk in the world, but if you fail to organize it, you’ll struggle to feel inspired by it. Your computer should be front and centre of your desk and should only be accompanied by essential office supplies, like a stapler or a pen jar. Loose-leaf documents, scattered paper clips and random elastic bands have no place on your desk. Minimalism is your friend. Be sure to eliminate unimportant or outdated files in overfilled drawers, as well. If you feel you must retain these documents, consider investing in a desk organizer or filing cabinet to disperse the volume. A clean, organized desk will help lift a psychological burden and allow you to think more clearly about your work.


An organized desk is optimal, but you have to be careful not to strip your space of personality; there’s a difference between minimalism and sterility. You should aim to (selectively) add small, personal touches to your desk, like photos of your loved ones, a couple of small plants or flowers, and maybe even a ‘Game of Thrones’ letter opener or Zen garden. These knick-knacks serve two purposes. For one, they help remind you of your purpose (which can be especially helpful when you’re burning the midnight oil). And two, they initiate mental breaks throughout the day. Passing a stress ball between your hands, watering a plant, or daydreaming about your next family vacation all provide micro-breaks that allow you to hit the reset button, focus, and get creative.

Your desk is truly an extension of you. It should contain references to your interests, without overwhelming the space. Function and organization are paramount in aiding productivity and sparking creativity. If the thought of your desk evokes anxiety or disinterest, try switching up your space and open your mind to new possibilities!


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