5 Ways to Set Your Office Space Up for Success This Year

February 1, 2019 | by: Chuck

5 Ways to Set Your Office Space Up for Success This Year


Happy 2019! A new year brings new adventures and opportunities to advance your career. All of the professional goals you want to achieve over the next twelve months are possible, if you make a defined strategy, track your progress and measure success. You spend a lot of time in your office and if your space doesn’t match your fresh perspective, it can impede your prosperity. As a result, we’re counting down the top five ways to set your office space up for success in 2019!


5. Add Some Greenery


A great way to spruce up your surroundings is to add some plants to your office space. A peace lily in the corner, a cactus on your bookshelf, or an aloe plant on your desk not only enhances office aesthetics, but also creates a healthier environment. Many indoor plants have air-filtering qualities that remove toxins in the air and help you breathe easier — perfect for those stressful days! Indoor plants are also low maintenance, create a tranquil ambience and might even usher some good luck; Jade plants, often referred to as the “money plant” is rumoured to bring financial wealth!


4. Upgrade Your Workspace


If you’re going to capitalize on the new year, you need a desk that’s conducive to the way you work. Your desk is the mission control centre of your office and if it doesn’t support your working methods, it can hinder productivity. If you’re constantly overwhelmed by loose papers and scattered office supplies, try a Barrington Series wood veneer desk. In addition to their sophisticated look, there are options for storage to keep your space clear and functional. If you’re looking for a modern, natural feel, a live edge top can tie together the space and look exceptional at the same time!


3. Sit Comfortably


As important as a quality desk is, a quality office chair is arguably even more important. A chair that doesn’t provide adequate support can lead to long-term pain or injury. The Work Smart Thin Profile Chair provides ergonomic support and a modern design that adds pizzazz to your space. Conversely, the Overtime Ergonomic Chair is all about comfort. With a memory foam top and independent angle adjustment, it’s perfect for those long nights, catching up on work. But as comfortable as a new chair can be, use this new year to improve your work-life balance. Rather than working through your permitted breaks, take them. Maybe get out of the chair and go for a walk! This time, next year, you’ll thank yourself!


2. Brighten It Up


A dark office space can make work more challenging than it needs to be. If your office space lacks sufficient lighting, you’ll often try to compensate by looking more closely at things. As a result, significant eye strain can occur over time. Not only will that affect the quality of your work, but you may even procrastinate certain tasks altogether. Natural light can even help improve your mood and your productivity. If you’re fortunate enough to work beside windows, pull up the shades and let the light in. If you rely on artificial light for your space, complement main light fixtures with desk lamps or a corner lamp. You can even invest in a sun lamp that mimics natural sunshine during dark winter days.


1. Declutter and Organize


A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. A messy office space carries a psychological toll that subconsciously weighs on you. Not to mention, when everything is a mess, it’s difficult to quickly find what you need. Day after day, you’re exerting energy on the mess, rather than your work. The new year is the perfect excuse to declutter and organize your office space. Shred or recycle any documents that you no longer need, throw away broken or used office supplies, file papers that have been left astray and label folders and storage containers. Remember, clutter isn’t limited to your physical space; use this opportunity to address your digital clutter too!


The new year is full of potential and can be everything you hope it to be. Hit the ground running with a clean, organized and comfortable office space. By taking simple steps and making small changes, you can give yourself an entirely new perspective that allows you to be the most productive you can be. And don’t forget to take the time to personalize your office space; if your office is an extension of your personality, you’re more likely to spend time there. Now, let’s take care of business!



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