5 Games To Play At Your Office Christmas Party

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December 17, 2018 | by: Chuck

5 Games To Play At Your Office Christmas Party

It’s that time of year again, where every other day you’ll see another person on Facebook at a
Holiday Party. At this point, most companies have a venue booked, caterer chosen, and
bartender hired, but what’s left? GAMES!
For the most part, everyone in your office already knows each other and after introducing
significant others, there’s a chance for an awkward lull…What better way to get the party
started than with some festive activities like these 5 below!

White Elephant

This classic holiday gift game is always a hit. Set a budget and ask each guest to bring a wrapped
gift within that price range. Write down the amount of guest participating on pieces of paper
and put into a hat (ie: if there are 15 people, write out the numbers 1-15 on separate pieces of
paper). Guests will draw a number from the hat that will dictate the order of present opening.
When it’s their turn, guest can either open a new present from the pile or steal gift from
someone else. The game continues until there are no presents left to open. (Hint: put a limited
on the amount of times a specific gift can be stolen to avoid getting caught in a stealing loop).

Ornament Guess

Typically, a Christmas tree is not the most interactive piece of décor. But, we have a way to
incorporate the tree into your activities! When you’re decorating the tree before the office
party, keep track of how many ornaments you are using. As guests arrive, have them guess how
many ornaments are on the tree. They can write their guesses down and put them in the bowl.
At the end of the night, reveal the answer and the guest with the closest guess gets a prize!

Mitten Gift Unwrap

Ask your guest to bring a pair of mittens, the ones that have no finger slits, to the party. Wrap a
gift in multiple layers of wrapping paper, the more layers, the longer the game! This game
works like musical chairs, except everyone starts by sitting in a circle passing a present around
and when the music stops, the person who has the present must attempt to unwrap a layer of
wrapping paper with their mittens on. It’s harder than it sounds! Only pause the music for a
short period of time and when it restarts, the gift must be passed around the circle again. The
person who unwraps the last layer of wrapping paper gets to take home the gift!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

This activity can be completely customized to your office! Create a fun Christmas-themed
scavenger hunt by strategically hiding décor, office supplies, and other goodies around the
venue. The first to find all the items wins a prize – or bragging rights!

Santa Limbo

It sounds pretty straight forward, but it’s guaranteed to gets lots of laughs. Have a Santa hat
and jacket that guest have to wear before attempting the limbo. The kicker is, they also have to
stuff a pillow up their shirt to get that authentic Santa stomach! How low can Santa go?
Let us know if you try any of these games or if you have more suggestions for office Christmas
party activities!


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