How to Maximize Your Space with Vancouver Office Furniture

June 18, 2016 | by: Admin

There are so many variables for a business to take into account when it comes to set ting out the layout of the office space available; how many employees can comfortably use the space? What capacity do you have to grow your staff? How can you best arrange work areas so that teams can work most efficiently together? You also need to consider multi-purpose space. What is a boardroom on Monday might be a presentation suite on Tuesday. For all of these reasons and more, it’s important that you think of ways that you can make the most of your space with Vancouver office furniture.

You also need to take into account that crucial factor of paying per square meter, and how you can best use space for saving money both in the long and the short term. What we expect of a conventional office space is a static layout of desks and chairs. However, it's worth any business manager considering how a more dynamic approach might be able to make all areas of business operations more cost-effective.

Limitations of “fixed furniture.”

A traditional approach to choosing furniture for an office space would be similar to the way we choose furniture for our homes; a large oak fixed table looks solid, high-quality, durable, and attractive, after all, but are these the most valuable qualities in office furniture? Although all of the qualities mentioned above might well be true, looking at things from a practical perspective, we see that we have a lack of flexibility, that the piece is heavy and awkward, and that it limits the potential of the office space real estate. So how can we use our office furniture to liberate our office space?

Dynamic alternatives

There are so many rich and exciting innovations on offer for making more of your office space; one of the first and most immediate recommendations though is to use a more flexible form of furniture. Taking advantage of table and desk units which are lighter while still maintaining a high level of quality allows furniture to be set out and packed away depending on the changing needs of the business. By taking advantage of a small change like this, suddenly you open up your workspace for a multitude of different uses for your day-to-day operations, as well as giving more long-term flexibility given a change in the size of your space or your workforce.

Going one step further, why not consider desk units with wheels, and, even better, tables and desks that can be extended or folded away to facilitate small and larger meetings.

Units are available which can connect to form a larger, but compact unit, ideal for small teams who work together, and the flexible nature of the design allows the space available to be both flexible for offices of all shapes and sizes, as well as for suiting different sized teams within the office.

Other perks

There are plenty of other perks from making the most of your office space, take for example the fact that by saving space in your office as a whole, you will have given each of your staff members slightly more space to move around freely, as well as to store personal items.


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