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Uni-T Panel System Reception Desks

Unit-T panel systems furniture exceeds expectations with its ingenuity and flexibility in open office or individual workspaces, traditional panel layouts or modern benching configurations. Uni-T’s shared workspaces provide the privacy needed to concentrate without the boxed in feeling, while still allowing for collaboration with peers. Uni-T is compatible with all Artopex office furniture collections.

Whether your needs are more traditional or you prefer the new modern layering and benching/desking trends, Uni-T is designed to be used in an infinite number of configurations. The ingenuity of Uni-T panels and options lets you define your space to provide everyone with the privacy they need to concentrate and get the job done, even in open concept configurations. Let the room’s natural light reach every surface by opting for clear or frosted lower panels, in the process making it easier for co-workers to collaborate and share information. The Uni-T system adapts to its surroundings and lets you tailor multi-user workstations to the style, personality, and needs of each person with a wide variety of colors, materials and textures. With a vast range of options and accessories, including metal pedestals, open or closed shelving, and Noki keyless locks, Uni-T opens up endless possibilities for creating spaces that reflect the culture of your company.

No tools are needed for the assembly of panels, electrical, and hanging components, and the connector system allows for easy on-site reconfiguration. Wiring is placed in the conduit at the base of the panels or in stackable media panels to provide easy access to cables.

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning; let us help you create a modern or traditional reception area for your office!

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Uni-T Panel System & Workstations

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