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SMARTdesk Collaborative Solutions

SMARTdesk Collaborative Solutions

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SMARTdesk Collaborative Solutions Office Tables & Desks

The SMARTdesk Collaborative Learning Desk and Table System is a collection of modern, modular, open concept office and classroom furniture and multi-use communication methods that are incorporated into different shapes to optimize the geometry of interaction. Collaborative laminate furniture gives freedom, while the shape of the table promotes flow, selected to optimize the building of interpersonal relationships, and teaming with the purpose of achieving specific shared goals. The shapes help remove barriers to consensus by encouraging non-confrontational, positive body language, and laptop power/data ports allow technology to be used at will. The SMARTdesk system is where design meets technology.

SMARTdesk Collaborative Solutions features computer desks and conference tables with integrated computers/laptops, ergonomic computer classroom desks for LCD monitors, and laptop desks featuring laptop safes and LCD locking security.
There are also training table & benching desk systems such as:

Exchange - A stand-alone computer/laptop table outfitted with a wire management, power/data, modesty panels, and quick release clips. The steel-frame tables can be arranged in a diverse multitude of shapes to promote different types of interaction, from collaborative spaces to independent working. Exchange tables come with an optional flipIT monitor mount and CPU holder feature, which allows technology to enter in or be moved aside at will.

iGroup - A triangular table that can be assembled to form a myriad of interactive shapes for collaboration or individual use. Leg heights can be ordered between 24 to 28 inches, making iGroup a great solution for both young students and adults. Locking casters allow easy mobility and stationary performance in use.

TriO - Three permanently attached laminate-top tables plus a center technology console creates a perfect grouping for team work, encouraging focus and engagement. The triangular center console has a lift-up top and wire management access openings. Technology users can power up from its 6 power outlets and 6 USB outlets. Additional technology can be stored in the center column with convenient cable management. AV technology stored in the console may be accessed from locking vented doors in the base, or from the hinged top.

TAO & RIO - A yin & yang inspired design concept that encourages collaboration and expands the area for group communication and finding balance. The TAO circle of yin and yang nest together with RIO tables, allowing for modular expansion for both small and large collaborative needs. Convenient power ports keep participants fully charged.

Quark 2 - A mobile sit-to-stand table with ratchet lift center support and hover-board shaped table top. The tables can be ganged together in multiple configurations while still allowing the freedom for independent height adjustments within the grouping. Optional power port unit with 1 power receptacle and 2 USB charging ports.

Trapeza - Collaborative trapezoidal shaped tables that can be used independently, or easily grouped together to form an array of modular tables to offer an interactive experience. Optional grommet holes, wire management, and power/data ports.

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning; let us help you create a modern, functional workspace for your office!

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