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Bridges II Series Lounge Seating

Bridges II Series Lounge Seating

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SKU : Global Bridges II Lounge Seating

Bridges II Series Lounge & Collaborative Seating

The Bridges II Series collection is the ultimate solution for modern multi-person workstations and office benching layouts. Flexible and intuitively designed, this versatile desking series offers a wide range of inspired features that allow to you create a customized work space that reflects your personality, business needs, and budget.

Bridges II Series lounge & collaborative seating creates an endless range of design possibilities for people to connect, share, and achieve. A collection of lounge seating, privacy screens, tables, tablets and power options expands Bridges desking capabilities to offer greater flexibility for open concept to high privacy environments. Components can be freestanding or fully integrated into Bridges II benching. Seating elements can be linked together within a run of Bridges II tables, or as freestanding pieces – allowing the product to be used in open plan, reception, or team areas.

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