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Axel Tile System

Axel Tile System

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SKU : Artopex Axel Tile System

Axel Tile & Panel System

Axel is the newest generation of panel tile systems furniture by for the design of open spaces. Inspired and ingenious, this cohesive solution creates spaces imbued with authenticity and movement. The Axel tile systems was designed to easily complete all your daily tasks: Open area workstations, brainstorming spaces, acoustic meeting rooms, relaxation areas, executive offices, and nomadic stations.

- Axel offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work.
- Pavilions allow to design meeting zones, lounge rooms, private office, etc.
- The extensive choice of finishes (laminate, felt, acrylic, and fabric) provides high design flexibility.
- Ambient noise management is improved with the acoustic fabric and felt tiles, and the slated ceilings with acoustic felt.
- Axel offers efficient electrical wiring and cable management.

Collaboration: Emerging workstations are mostly focused on the goal of improving collaboration and the exchanges of ideas. Axel therefore offers innovative workstation configurations that naturally combine individual and collaborative work. The integration of pavilions defines the space simply through the creation of collaboration or multimedia areas.
Flexibility: An extended selection of materials and finishes, rich textures, and numerous design options for the panels system are all ways to communicate the distinct DNA of each space. Formal workspaces can be designed identically or customized in as many ways as you wish. The use of felt provides enhanced acoustic comfort, whereas the use of medium height laminate panels creates division between the workstations while reducing costs. Angled workstations provide more privacy and more individual work space.
Privacy: The integration of pavilions helps solve privacy issues often seen in open area layouts. With its openwork ceiling, every workstation becomes an individual ecosystem that optimizes concentration and productivity.
Compatibility: The Axel tile system features a complete collection of work surfaces adapted to different workstation configurations. Axel was designed so it can be combined with other Artopex collections such as Take Off, Downtown, and adjustable tables.
Modularity: The many shapes of the Axel tile system help improve work environment concepts with multiple spaces. The adaptability and versatility of Axel’s different modules support the constantly changing means of working, collaborating, and generating new ideas. The height of panels, storage options, integrated shelves, and off-module furniture are many options you can use to imagine workstations adapted to the realities of each user.
Optimize Space: Integrate 120-degree surfaces or adjustable tables and maximize your freedom of design for Axel open areas. Add surface multi-outlets as well as adjustable tables to create nomadic workstations.
Acoustic: Acoustic comfort is built into Axel’s design. This is why this system introduces fabric and acoustic felt tiles, as well as slated ceiling with acoustic felt. The properties of the materials and the design of pavilions both improve ambient noise management in open areas.

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning; let us help you create modern spaces for your office!

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