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The 'Quick Ship' Triteks come in standard and extended sizing for big and tall seating. The full range of Tritek is designed to accommodate as many body sizes as possible by offering a choice of seat cushion sizes, a choice of backrest sizes to suit an individual’s tasks and a choice of mechanisms needed by the user to comfortably perform his or her tasks. 24 hour/multi-shift models are also available.


7482-3 High Back Multi-Tilter with Standard Seat $920

All prices are subject to change and will vary depending on the features selected. Delivery and shipping are not included.


  • Black Fabric Seat and Back (Terrace Echo TC74)
  • Black base


  • Multi-Tilter Mechanism
  • Adjustable 'Schukra' Lumbar Support
  • Height and width adjustable arms
  • Armcaps Rotate and Slides For, Back, Left and Right
  • Medium, High, and Extended back options
  • Small, Standard, and Generous seat options

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