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Sky Architectural Walls

Sky Architectural Walls

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SKU : Artopex Sky

Sky Architectural Office Walls

Give a new dimension to your space with Sky. Sky architectural walls are designed to create bright, inspiring workplaces that foster efficiency and collaboration in the most striking way. Sky will change the way you look at space design – for today and tomorrow. Flexible, easily reconfigurable, and the integration of versatile technological components, Sky architectural walls create private offices and collaborative spaces with superior acoustic performance. Think of Sky as an architectural solution that will match your aspirations and your evolving needs. Sky is both a source of inspiration to express the beauty of your space with complete freedom and a clear path between your creativity and your design plans.
The absolute transparency of glass, the delicacy of the joints between panels, the purity of glass-on-glass tile design, and the availability of colored glass or textile finishes... The sophisticated design and ingenuity of Sky architectural walls confirm that beauty lies in the details.

Environment: Sky architectural walls correspond to your corporate philosophy for environmental sustainability. They significantly reduce the amount of construction waste generated and their unique properties can contribute to LEED certification credits. When you let the light in, everyone benefits. Measured on site and cut in factory, Sky creates less waste and promotes the recycling of scrap raw materials, unlike traditional drywall construction. Sky contributes to better air quality by avoiding the construction dust from drywall and the VOCs from paint. The transparency of Sky architectural walls lets natural light fill the space, creating inspired and inspiring spaces, aligned with your corporate values.

Acoustics: Sky provides private environments for meetings, as well as for closed offices. The superior acoustic properties of the panel composition ensure fewer distractions so that concentrating on the task at hand is easier on both sides of the wall. Sky architectural walls allow light to penetrate but their acoustic properties prevent sound from being transmitted. It’s the best of both worlds, inside and out.

Demountable: What's your next move? Sky architectural walls keep pace with your company’s evolution – modify existing configurations or take them with you to your next space. With Sky, there is no reason to fear change. A high percentage of the parts and components can be reused when you reconfigure or move Sky. Sky walls go up three times faster than traditional walls. The integration of architectural walls into your space also requires much less management of the various trades. Integrating architectural walls is an investment; your company will grow, but how quickly? Only time will tell, but what is certain is that Sky architectural walls will grow with you and adapt to new technology — in the short and long term.

Flexibility: Sky provides the design freedom to bring your vision to light. The flexibility of Sky architectural walls open up endless creative possibilities by breaking down barriers and adapting to the unique architecture of any space. Sky walls can be incorporated into spaces with ceilings up to 10 feet full height or 12 feet with transom. The Sky wall panel system adjusts for height variations at the floor and ceiling levels. The possibilities are boundless when your vision is combined with the options available with Sky. Create customized design solutions with the architectural walls to reflect the unique identity of your space.

Technology: Sky walls are the future that you can benefit from today. With functional design features and the seamless integration of technology, you are always one click away from connecting to others, with the freedom to control the degree of privacy. Wireless light switches maintain the transparency of the glass panels without compromising function. The inclusion of a screen for viewing presentations or participating in video conferences transforms Sky architectural walls into a cross-platform communication tool. Technology and mobility are influencing how work is organized and how we collaborate, maximize efficiency and increase productivity. Sky architectural walls respond to this new workplace reality and provide all the latitude your company needs to continue to evolve.

- Meeting Rooms: The superior acoustic properties of Sky walls ensure that your meetings maintain a high degree of privacy. Laminate panel segments provide multiple options for integrating technology and media. Opaque smart glass can be added for even greater privacy. Sky walls let you create customized collaborative zones in any work environment.
- Individual Offices: With Sky, you can design individual offices that take advantage of the available light while providing the privacy you need. Combinations of glass and laminate panels can be used to create custom spaces.
- Open Concept Areas: Sky makes it possible to define workstations by playing with the volumes, shapes and natural light of the space.
- Phone Booth: Open work areas are increasingly common, but they sometimes pose a challenge for private telephone conversations. Sky walls are an innovative and easy-to-create solution that meets the needs of your teams.

Sky Architectural walls are designed to create bright environments with superior acoustic performance that foster efficiency and collaboration in the most striking way. Sky will change the way you look at space design — for today and tomorrow.

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning; let us help you create modern and bright spaces for your office!

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