Room Booths


ROOM Booths

By creating space for solo phone calls, virtual meetings and focused work, the Phone Booth makes a shared space personal. One that is thoughtfully designed to offer the flexibility of a soundproof room that can be assembled and placed anywhere you see fit. The result: a happier, healthier, and more productive way to work.


  • Sound Insulation: 1.6” sound insulation made from recycled materials to tune out the noise.
  • Ventilation Fans: Two ultra-quiet fans keep you cool under pressure.
  • Built-in Desk: Desk and magnetic board give you ample space for your big ideas.
  • Power Outlets: Two outlets keep you powered up for every charged work session.
  • Motion Sensor: Smart sensor activates the fans and the LED light, helping you stay energy efficient.
  • Ethernet Port: Optional add-on ethernet port ensures you never miss a connection.

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