One of the most fundamental spaces in an office or business environment is the boardroom or conference room. The boardroom is a used for important meetings, discussions, and is also a great way to have team gatherings and meetings. Conference rooms are a private and professional way to meet with colleagues and/or potential clients. Whether your style is more modern with clean lines, or classic with thick features, Buy Rite has all the options you need!

We carry a large list of manufacturers and suppliers to create a Conference Table & Boardroom Table that fits your exact style, budget, and space! Buy Rite Office Furniture Vancouver is here for you.

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Things to Consider When Selecting a Boardroom/Conference Room Table

The board room or conference room in your office requires special consideration, especially when it comes to the choice of furniture. Looking for ideas to select the right meeting room or conference table? The following tips will be helpful – take a look:

The Size of Room

Before you go for any style or shape of conference room tables, see if the size is proportionate for the room and if there will be comfortable seating and walking space without cluttering the entire area.

Max. Number of People to be Seated

Select a conference room table that complies with the size of your organization. Choosing a table too large is only going to use up space while a table too small with limited seating will create a bad impression. As a general rule of thumb, a six feet table seats 6 people, 8 feet 8 people, etc.

The Purpose of the Room

Another important aspect to be considered when selecting conference tables is the primary use of your meeting room. Is your conference room used for discussions and audio visual presentations only or are ceremonial events also conducted inside? Choose a comfortable, convenient and functional conference table that fits your requirements and looks great at the same time!

Choice of Material

What finish or material are you looking for in your conference room table – laminate or veneer? Laminate is a stylish and economical choice while wooden veneer gives a classy and innovative touch to the ambience. Go for a design that looks professional as well as matches the décor of your room perfectly.

Choice of Color

Do you want to look at conference tables that go with the existing furniture or color scheme of the walls etc in your room? Harmonizing your office furniture with the surroundings brings a sophisticated and professional appeal to the décor of your conference room.

Personal Preferences

Quality office furniture selection not only adds to the convenience of your employees but also speaks a lot about you as a brand. If your conference room is regularly used for international meetings or you meet senior professionals and important clients there, choose a table that actually looks the part! Sometimes, companies also choose specific designs for their entire office’s furniture to maintain consistency in branding. Personal preferences also matter – rectangular conference room tables with protruding corners may not appeal to some and they may opt for oval designs and vice versa.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your choice of design and vision and how you choose to make your conference room stand out with quality office furniture!

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