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eO+ Panel System & Workstations

eO+ Panel System & Workstations

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eO+ Office Panel System & Workstations

eO+ is an innovative modular panel and desking system that works for you. Workstations, conference rooms, and open concept teaming areas with components that are easy to mix, match, or reconfigure. eO+ is also an economical panel system, designed with the small office in mind.

Panels can be configured freestanding to divide spaces and provide privacy, or be combined with coordinating benching/desking and storage components to provide varying degrees of privacy. Styles include full privacy, partial whiteboard, partially glazed and fully glazed. Worksurfaces provide ergonomic access to computers and substantial space for a multitude of tasks. Off-desk accessories are quickly and easily repositionable along the optional panel mounted rail. Electrical components are necessary for everyday use and include electrical and data receptacles that can be worksurface mounted. For additional convenience and customization, eO+ panels are available with corkboard insets, dry erase modules, and glazed inserts.

eO+ was designed to meet the needs of today’s small to mid-size office environments. Panels and ergonomically designed worksurfaces can be configured to provide ample space and privacy for individual tasks in an open office while facilitating occasional group interaction. eO+ aesthetically appealing, easy to specify, install, and reconfigure, all at a surprisingly low cost. The panels are lightweight but strong enough to support overhead storage components and panel mounted worksurfaces. A universal 2/3/4-way corner post with a unique “knuckle-lock” design provides solid panel-to-panel connection for fast assembly or easy reconfigurations.

eO+ panels are available in an array of fabrics and sizes, and the frames are made from recycled aluminum and are painted with a durable epoxy powder coating that is VOC and lead-free. The core of the eO+ panel is a tackable honeycomb made from 30% recycled card stock. The entire eO+ panel is recyclable at the end of its life.

- Simple, modular, mix-and-match components that are easy to specify and assemble.
- Worksurfaces are supported by steel pedestals, worksurface/panel supporting hardware, and/or end panels.
- Panels offer different degrees of privacy in a variety of styles.
- Panel frames, legs, and pedestals are available in Black and Tungsten.
- The entire eO+ panel is recyclable at the end of its life.
- Tackable panel interiors.
- Partially and fully glazed panels are available in Clear, Smoked and Frosted options.
- Partial whiteboard panels are available on one or two sides.
- Primary worksurfaces are 18”, 24” or 30” deep, the optimum reach of an individual.
- Worksurface scoops keep wires neat and out of the way.
- Panel hung overhead storage and personal towers add additional storage possibilities.
- Accessories can attach to worksurfaces or panels using an accessory rail.
- Adapt power/modules module bring power and data to the worksurface.
- Power bar includes 4 receptacles and 2 data jack adapters that can be mounted above or below the worksurface.
- Power and communication cables are routed through cable scoops at the back of worksurfaces.
- Greenguard certified.

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning; let us help you create a modern, modular workspace for your office!

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