Discard, Recycle, Upcycle used Office Furniture

Discard, Recycle, Upcycle used Office Furniture

Recycle your Furniture

Need to get rid of used office furniture? Are you upgrading your office furniture or just want to get rid of unneeded items? We facilitate the removal and decommissioning of your used office furniture from all types of businesses and home offices. We make it as simple and easy as possible for you. To start the used office furniture assessment process please email the following to us at Selling@Buyritebc.com 1. Photos of the items you’re getting rid of 2. Brief description and list of items 3. Removal deadline? What is the latest possible date of removal? 4. Location: address or cross streets 5. Scope of work: are there any stairs to go up or down on site? 6. Your contact phone # Please allow 1 to 2 business days for a representative to get back to you.


We buy:

Buy Rite reserves the right to refuse any and all items.


Image by TheCatEmpire Studio, Vecteezy

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