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Boulevard Panel System & Workstations

Boulevard Panel System & Workstations

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SKU : Global Boulevard & Boulevard System 3

Boulevard/Boulevard System 3 Office Panels & Workstations

Boulevard and Boulevard System 3 lay the foundation for modern, vibrant workspaces that flex and adapt to meet the realities of today's workplace. The modular panel structures space to support individual work while facilitating the connections between people and the places they share. With Boulevard, you can customize to any size and any height, allowing you the freedom of nearly endless possibilities.

Maximize productivity and efficiency. Whether you are working individually or in a team, make every inch functional without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics. Raceway panels bring power to your fingertips. Use monolithic panels at the end of runs to create a clean and crisp look for hallways.

Work anywhere without compromising comfort. Define a range of spaces from casual meeting areas to places for focused work, from open concept benching or lounging to private cubicles or closed off workstations. Panels multi-function as space dividers and acoustic support enabling you to divide, extend, or carve out your space to provide ample choice.

Create moments for retreat and privacy, protected from the activity of the busy office. Configure and reconfigure easily with a concise collection of component parts. Easily switch out panel tiles with glass, whiteboards, fabrics, or custom graphics to seamlessly customize your aesthetic and degree of privacy.

Boulevard and Boulevard System 3 series contain a variety of panels, worksurfaces, and storage units, and can be used alone or integrated with Global casegoods/benching systems such as Bridges II and Licence 2. The possibilities are nearly endless, from open concept workstations to cubicles to private offices to collaborative spaces to reception, and more!

Contact a sales and design consultant for complimentary space planning!

Boulevard panels are also available with custom printed graphics. Please click the link below for more information
Custom Graphic Panels

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