Green Furniture for a Green Future

April 10, 2017 | by: Admin


Buy Rite sources it's furniture from Environmentally approved organizations. Keep your business green with our furniture!



We take pride in supplying furniture that works with the environment. We strive to help all kinds of businesses by providing them with ethically sourced furniture. Internally, we re-use and recycle all that we can and we offer used furniture as a means to promote the re-use of furniture, and to minimize the production of new furniture when possible. We only work with furniture companies that comply with widely recognized environmentally conscious standards. We work closely with Canadian-based, Global Furniture Group and Heartwood Manufacturers. By offering furniture that is made locally, we can reduce the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by the transportation of furniture. Both Global and Heartwood have taken many initiatives to assure that they reduce their ecological footprint as well as provide a product that is ecologically sound. 

Old growth trees are excluded in the manufacturing of all of the furniture that we supply!


 Global Furniture Group has been diligent in continuously reducing its carbon footprint. Over the last four years they have managed to reduce their electricity consumption by a whopping 18% while completely eradicating the use of CFCs, which are powerful agents that destroy our stratospheric ozone. Today, Global is able to recycle 88%of all of the waste they produce and they have set goals to reach 100% in coming years. They are striving to reduce the amount of cardboard that they use and have adapted the practice of flat packing their shipments to reduce cardboard use whenever possible. Global has also teamed up with a number of environmental agencies in their struggle to become ever greener. Global's manufacturing processes are in accordance with the following renowned environmental agencies: Greenguard, the Toxic Reduction Act, EPA Safer Choice, the Forest Stewardship Council, Green Key, BIFMA X7.1, Waste 2 Wonder, Social Accountability 8000, End of Life Program, ISO 14001:2004, Chemical Management Program and LEED. All of Global's furniture is LEED certified, so if you are striving to get your office LEED approved make sure to buy from Global. Global's involvement with so many environmental organizations is testament to their positive impact on our planet and you can rest easily knowing that your furniture is ethically sourced. 



Heartwood started up with a love for nature and their name is proof of this. Heartwood is located in beautiful British Columbia, making the shipping distance to Vancouver require less energy from transportation. Heartwood only sources their materials from companies that abide to stringent environmental certifications and standards. All of the wood used in their furniture is collected from either tree farms or from by-product at wood mills that have a strong zero tolerance policy for old growth trees. They have been able to reduce their use of Styrofoam by 95% by introducing a recyclable honeycomb cardboard. Recently, Heartwood has been utilizing Eco Dry Systems in their wood chip drying process to control HAPs and VOCs and prevent them from causing harm to our environment. They have also adapted the use of closed loop hot oil exchange as a means to reduce the amount of energy required in production. Another way Heartwood is innovating is by utilizing an advanced waste treatment by using water-based amino acids to assure that all water leaving their plant is clean and healthy for the environment. Teaming up with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), an air emissions standard equivalent to Greenguard, they have introduced dust filtered bag systems to their plant, minimizing the amount of harmful emissions that are released into our air, and maintaining a healthy work environment. Overall, Heartwood is setting examples and continually growing in their quest to improve their impact on the environment.




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Buy Rite come through once again! Our office looks great, the panel wall- colour, texture and height- was the final touch!
Thank you for arranging these products and services for us, we are very pleased!

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