Build a Reception Area That Leaves a Lasting Impression On Your Clients

receptonGreat design doesn’t necessarily need come at a great cost. If your reception area is striking,
functional and works well with the space, it will leave a lasting impression on everyone who passes through.

Creating a memorable design can be as simple as choosing some interesting colours and shapes for the desking, tables, and seating. A wide reception area might do best with a long, straight desk with room for multiple greeters. A smaller space might do well with a curved unit that maximizes the useable space while still looking awesome. These designs can also wrap around corners or make accommodations for all kinds of difficult layouts.

Keeping your front of house functional and maintaining good flow takes a bit of thought. Keep in mind that there needs to be room for guests to walk past each other, space for workers to move about, and consideration for storage of files and supplies that can be easily and quickly accessed. At least 3 feet across as well as front to back is necessary for just a single person, and more is required for high traffic areas. People in the waiting area shouldn’t need to step out of the way of people entering the office and employees should have direct access to the rest of the office without walking around furniture.

Do you have very specific equipment you need access to? Are trying to fit a reception in to an unusual space? A built-to-order custom desk might be your best option to get exactly what you need.

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