7 Office Design Trends for 2017

April 18, 2017 | by: Admin

How Office Design Can Improve Your Business

           An office design can either stress people out or enhance their creativity and happiness. One of the main ways to assure that your office is going to increase productivity, rather than hinder it, is by making your employees feel comfortable.

7 Office Design Trends for 2017

#1 Open Office Layout.

 the open office layout makes your office space look larger and cleaner. By removing barriers and panels, visibility is increased for the entire space, allowing for workers on opposite sides of the room to see each other and to communicate with ease. The ability to remain in close contact with your fellow employees creates an air of camaraderie and this can lead to enhanced creativity and innovation. Finally, by switching to the open office layout, your business can save on expenses for heat, electricity and furniture.




#2 Collaboration Stations.

These are stations that aren't assigned to any particular employee, but rather a group of employees. Studies show that by sitting together with your fellow employees, an air of creativity is created as employees can easily bounce ideas off of each other and over hear important information.



#3 Whiteboard Walls.

After switching to the open office layout, many companies are taking full advantage of all of the open space on the walls by placing white boards on them. These boards are used for scheduling, notices and brainstorming, while they also provide an aesthetic that compliments productivity.





 #4 Height Adjustable Tables.


 Sitting down all day at work is unhealthy. By adjusting between sitting and standing through out the day, you will find yourself with more energy and fewer aches and pains. Height adjustable tables are available in manual or automatic versions, however, electronic automatic lift mechanisms are becoming the standard.



#5 Colour Coordination.

Many companies are using colour to add meaning to their offices. Colour is being utilized to organize the office into different sections. In doing this, navigation throughout the office is made easier for visitors. Colours in the office also have psychological effects on those who inhabit the office. The colour blue is said to make employees feel calm and comfortable. Another trend is to incorporate your brands colours into the office design, turning their offices into a tool for marketing.



#6 Hiding the Wires.

Today we use a lot of electronics in the workplace. With so many devices being hooked up to electrical, many offices are left looking unorganized and messy. By purchasing desks and panel systems that have wire concealment built in, you can improve productivity and create a clean aesthetic in the workplace!






#7 Modular Design.


 Some furniture is built for a single layout or office design. This type of furniture can cause problems in the long run as employee numbers increase and decrease. By purchasing modular furniture that can be adjusted and reconfigured to your liking, you can make sure that your offices are ready for the ups and downs that come along with business.



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7 Office Design Trends for 2017

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