5 Tips for Raising Your Productivity Levels at Work

August 25, 2017 | by: James

Do you find yourself getting dragged down by your 9-5? Whether it’s the morning commute starting your day off on the wrong foot, or the midday daydream you can’t quite get back from, at Buy Rite, we know that maximizing your productivity can be a challenge. There are thousands of options for productivity applications floating around the market, but did you know, changing a few work habits could make the difference between a increasing your performance or increasing your boredom. Here are five simple tips to keep you motivated at work.

1) Start your day with a plan

The first thing you should do when you get to your desk is set out your plan for the day. Write out a list of daily tasks or goals you wish to accomplish and prioritize them before your day begins. If you break focus or catch yourself procrastinating, this list will draw you back in and re-align you with the things you need to accomplish throughout the day. The goal is to plan enough where you don’t feel stressed, wondering how you’ll get through everything in your list.

2) Stop Multitasking

It is proven that multitasking is, in itself, a myth. So why do we continue to try and do so? Doing more than one thing at a time may seem like the most effective way to power through your to-do list, but it’s actually the most detrimental in terms of focus and productivity. Switching between tasks ends up eating more time and energy than if we stayed focussed on the one. To combat multitasking, start time-chunking. You can still switch inbetween tedious tasks, but try 30- minute intervals. If you shift from boring task to engaging task and back again, you will find yourself happier to stay involved in your work throughout the day.

3) Take breaks

Exercise isn’t just good for your body, it’s vital to your mind too. Whether it’s a quick walk around the office, or an excuse to run to the nearby store, getting up and stretching your legs will give your mind a much needed break. You’d be surprised at the difference in your performance. Avoid scheduling back-to-back meetings throughout your day and you’ll avoid that brain drain that usually occurs after a busy day. If you’re getting tired or losing focus, take ten minutes and focus on something non-work related. Making these breaks a routine will help keep your mind organized and sharp.

4) Turn off your alerts

When did an instant email reply become standard practice? In this age of “fast” and “now” every bit of communication is expected to be received, read and replied to in such a short timeframe. While that might make communication a lot easier, it doesn’t do any good for your productivity levels. Constant email, text and notification alerts popping up on your screen is the fastest way to get you off-task. Instead of reading each email as it comes into your inbox, schedule time every hour or so to check your notifications. This means you can stay on task and use your time more wisely.

5) Set up your space for success

This may be the tip you find most surprising. But with the addition of a few personal or organizational items, some pops of colour and maybe a plant or two, you’ll feel more relaxed in your workspace. Maybe it’s bringing your favourite succulent from home? Or buying a chair that fits perfectly to you. Having a decluttered and personalized workspace will help you think more clearly as you’ll spend less time searching for things and more time feeling comfortable and focused on the task at hand. Check out Buy Rite’s line of office furniture to make you feel at home while you work. Boost your productivity and settle into your new office mentality.


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