Build a Reception Area That Leaves a Lasting Impression On Your Clients

receptonGreat design doesn’t necessarily need come at a great cost. If your reception area is striking,
functional and works well with the space, it will leave a lasting impression on everyone who passes through.

Creating a memorable design can be as simple as choosing some interesting colours and shapes for the desking, tables, and seating. A wide reception area might do best with a long, straight desk with room for multiple greeters. A smaller space might do well with a curved unit that maximizes the useable space while still looking awesome. These designs can also wrap around corners or make accommodations for all kinds of difficult layouts.

Keeping your front of house functional and maintaining good flow takes a bit of thought. Keep in mind that there needs to be room for guests to walk past each other, space for workers to move about, and consideration for storage of files and supplies that can be easily and quickly accessed. At least 3 feet across as well as front to back is necessary for just a single person, and more is required for high traffic areas. People in the waiting area shouldn’t need to step out of the way of people entering the office and employees should have direct access to the rest of the office without walking around furniture.

Do you have very specific equipment you need access to? Are trying to fit a reception in to an unusual space? A built-to-order custom desk might be your best option to get exactly what you need.

If you would like some help designing your entry area or any other part of your office space, feel free to contact of one of our representatives at or call us at 604-999-7483.

When is a Chair ‘Ergonomic’?

There are many different functions or features on a chair that could be considered ergonomic, but there are four main areas to consider when purchasing a seat that works for you.


The human body has evolved to be at its best while in motion, not sitting at a computer screen all day. Movement helps your muscles pump blood through your body which delivers oxygen and nutrition to your tissues while also transporting away waste products. In the absence of good blood flow your muscles can start feeling tired and sore. Movement also contributes to proper lubrication of your joints and proper nutrition of your spinal discs.

Even if what you’re doing doesn’t include a running a quarter mile, you must keep moving, even if it’s just small adjustments throughout the day. When selecting furniture, look for features that allow this movement to happen naturally. The right chair mechanisms could include either a range of multiple tilt settings, weight-sensing adjustments, or synchronized movement.


What someone finds comfortable in a chair can vary widely from user to user. While a good fitting chair should be comfortable, there are also some rules of thumb to follow to minimize awkward or extreme postures.

Ensuring your feet aren’t dangling, that your shoulders aren’t raised or that you’re your arms rest at a natural angle can help keep you comfortable over the long term and avoid pain in the future.

Some chairs come in different sizes to address differences in body shape and size. Make sure you get the one that fits you.


The Obus Ultra Forme is designed to alleviate issues with back pain.

The Obus Ultra Forme is designed to alleviate issues with back pain.

Proper support ensures alignment of the upper body, which includes the neck, shoulders and upper back. When properly supported, the muscles in these areas are in the best position to aid breathing. If your lower back is not properly supported when seated, it either straightens or curves the wrong way.

Chair features such as back/lumbar height, which allow you to position the lumbar support in the curve of your lower back, are designed to provide the support you need. When your work tools are properly supported it helps minimize muscle fatigue and pain.


The last item to consider (or potentially the first), is whether the chair fits the work environment it will be used in. Will the user be sitting it in for long periods? Will they need to reach a high work surface? Will they be getting up and down a lot? Will they need to turn and reach items behind them? Believe it or not, there are many seating options specifically designed for certain tasks or requirements. Say you’re a policeman and need room to accommodate the equipment on your belt; there’s a solution for that.


For the increased health, comfort, safety, productivity and reduced risk of injury that a properly selected ergonomic chair can provide, it’s worth taking the time to do the research and get a seat that works for you. If you need help, feel free to contact one of our representatives at or call us at 604-999-7483.

Should you be buying new or pre-owned furniture?

When you’re adding on that extra workstation for the new guy, you’re likely considering whether it’s best to buy a band new desk and chair or get a used set that might save you a few bucks. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options outside of simply the cost. Here are a few items to consider that should help you decide:





New furniture almost always comes with a warranty, often a life-time warranty, which will keep your station working at its best for a long time to come. Buy Rite stands behind its products, but a used piece is not backed by any warranty. If you need any repair, you’ll be covering the costs of parts and labor.

Size and Shape

Even before getting a full custom build, there are a wide range of designs available for work stations. It’s easy to get an exact fit for your space when going new. Pre-owned furniture goes as fast as it comes, so your options may be limited when browsing for a station to fit your space.


Nearly any colour or pattern you can imagine is available for the laminate on your desk or the fabric on your chair. Matching your existing pieces is easy. Colour options are limited with used pieces, but you can usually find the popular colours such as mahogany, maple for desks or black for chairs.

Being Green

Much of modern furniture is now made with reclaimed materials such as wood, polypropylene, and polyester. Using soy-based foams are also another way to keep new furniture environmentally friendly. Adopting a previously-loved desk or chair is the most effective way to keep it out of a landfill. Repurposing office furniture shows that your company is committed to reducing waste in the world.


This is the most obvious consideration, but what’s not obvious is the long-term cost-savings you get when buying new furniture. I high-quality desk or chair with a comprehensive warranty could last you a lifetime. If you have a small or temporary project, buying used may be a good way to maintain you budget until your final design. If it’s a very short term solution, you might consider only renting the pieces you need, used or new.

As a rule of thumb, used furniture is good if your office employs less than 20 employees, you expect to use the product for a maximum of 2 to 3 years, and you’re not too concerned with matching any existing style. If you’re looking to make an impression for the long term, designing a new system would be the way to go.

Make Your Floor Space Work Double-Time with Mobile Furniture

‘ConnecTABLES’ modular system of linking and freestanding tables.

‘ConnecTABLES’ modular system of linking and freestanding tables.

Don’t get caught with your desks bolted to the floor when you can make your floor space work double. Breaking the humdrum of the same old office layout could lead to positive changes in the workplace. With the right mobile office furniture your meeting room can become a training room or your conference hall could become a presentation centre.

Too keep everything in its place castors will lock to stop tables and chairs from rolling and clasps temporarily connect tables together to keep surfaces square and level. When you’re ready for the layout to change, storing the furniture is made light work using spring-loaded mechanisms that collapse the furniture. Stackable pieces save even more space for you to utilize. If you’re holding a conference which requires a large number of stacking or folding chairs, you may want to use a dolly to move and store the seats.

Whatever you are planning for your space, it’s worth considering what other purposes it could serve simply by utilizing a mobile setup.

‘2gether’ multi-purpose folding, rolling, stackable tables

‘2gether’ multi-purpose folding, rolling, stackable tables

Space Saving Tips – Buy Rite Office Furniture

If you work in an office or business environment, it is safe to say that your work surface or desk area is not just your working space, but also holds papers, a keyboard, monitors, a phone, a lamp, pictures of your wife/husband, and possibly a stapler. Not only can your desk feel overwhelming, working in a condensed workspace can also decrease your productivity.

An easy and cheap solution to this is an ergonomic monitor arm.

An ergonomic monitor arms lifts your monitor off your desk allowing for more workspace. Adding extra workspace real estate is the key. When not using your monitor you can push the screen back allowing for even more room.

A monitor arm adjusts easily and in many different ways, allowing you flexibility throughout the day or if the desk is used by different employees/people. Less moving and twisting is the key to comfort!


Check out this video for a sample of options that you have! Buy Rite is a leading supplier of new and used office furniture in Vancouver.

Office Furniture | Buy Rite BC | Best Buys on New and Liquidation Furniture


Buy Rite BC has been providing  office furniture in Vancouver and the lower mainland for over 10 years. We strive on providing the best service and the highest quality commercial office furniture in the industry. We are constantly signing on new manufacturers and suppliers to provide your business or home office the top of the line office furniture it deserves.

We are far from just your run of the mill furniture store and provide an array of services for everything your business interior needs. We offer office furniture, reception seating and desks, filing cabinets and storage solutions, and much more! Anything to do with your business, think of Buy Rite BC in Vancouver.


Our collection of new and used furniture in Langley and Vancouver is a great example of the high quality furniture we provide. We also offer our clients the option of furniture rentals and leasing. This is especially beneficial to those who are on a budget or in the film or TV industry.

Our design consultants provide design advice and space planning consultations. Our goal is design you a working space that suits your business and your taste.  A well designed working space increases productivity and overall morale within an office environment.


We provide furniture assembly services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We also provide services for office moves and/or relocations.

Our team is motivated and dedicated to provide the best service possible. We strive above the rest of our competition when it comes to the core fact that matter. Service, Integrity, and high quality product. You and your business are in great hands with Buy Rite BC.

Most of our manufacturers are located in Canada or the USA and we support the local economy by working with local manufacturers in the lower mainland. Our products truly are a step above other office furniture stores in Langley and everything your company needs.

Make the right choice, with Buy Rite! Contact us today for a consultation or visit our showroom.

Vancouver: 604-999-7483

What to Consider When Selecting a Boardroom or Conference Room Table

How many people does a boardroom table sit? This is probably the most common question that we get, but the board room or conference room in your office requires special consideration, especially when it comes to the choice of furniture.  Looking for ideas to select the right meeting room or conference table? The following tips will be helpful – take a look:

The Size of Room

Before you go for any style or shape of conference room tables, see if the size is proportionate for the room and will there be comfortable seating and walking space without cluttering the entire area. We recommend about 3 feet for minimum comfortable walking space (from the backs of chairs to walls etc).

Buy Rite Foundations Boardroom TableWood Veneer Boardroom Table

MD Boardroom Table-VancouverCustom Boardroom Table

Max. Number of People to be Seated

Select a conference room table that complies with the size of your organization. Choosing a table too large is only going to use up space while a table too small with limited seating will create a bad impression. As a general rule of thumb, a six feet table seats 6 people, 8 feet table seats 8, and so forth.

MD Table with White ChairsCustom Boardroom with Chairs

Ionic Boardroom TableLaminate Boardroom Table

The Purpose of the Room

Another important aspect to be considered when selecting conference tables is the primary use of your meeting room. Is your conference room used for discussions and audio visual presentations only or are ceremonial events also conducted inside? Choose a comfortable, convenient and functional conference table that fits your requirements and looks great at the same time!

Choice of Material

What finish or material are you looking for in your conference room table – laminate or veneer? Laminate is a stylish and economical choice while wooden veneer gives a classy and innovative touch to the ambiance. Go for a design that looks professional as well as matches the décor of your room perfectly.


Dufferin Boardroom TableDufferin Conference Table

Choice of Color

Do you want to look at conference tables that go with the existing furniture or color scheme of the walls etc in your room? Harmonizing your office furniture with the surroundings brings a sophisticated and professional appeal to the décor of your conference room.

Personal Preferences

Quality office furniture selection not only adds to the convenience of your employees but also speaks a lot about you as a brand. If your conference room is regularly used for international meetings or you meet senior professionals and important clients there, choose a table that actually looks the part! Sometimes, companies also choose specific designs for their entire office’s furniture to maintain consistency in branding. Personal preferences also matter – rectangular conference room tables with protruding corners may not appeal to some and they may opt for oval designs and vice versa.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your choice of design and vision and how you choose to make your conference room stand out with quality office furniture! Contact us today, we offer a wide range of boardroom and conference tables including custom designs tailored to your exact needs and taste.

Buy Rite Boardroom and Conference Tables

Reception Furniture & Reception Desks – Buy Rite BC

Buy Rite Business furnishings is your one stop shop for interior business solutions. With Our extensive list of products and manufacturers, we are confident we design or space plan your dream business or office space.

The Global Zira Reception desk is available in many different finishes and with various components. One of the most popular reception desks that we carry.

ImageBuy Rite BC-Vancouver Office Furniture Store

ImageVancouver Office Furniture Store-Buy Rite BC

We also have used reception furniture and desks in our showrooms in Vancouver. Used furniture with Buy Rite is a great way to ease your mind and budget when it comes to office furniture. We only source the highest quality used furniture that we can find and everything is in `previously loved`condition.

ImageReception Furniture in Vancouver

Custom and Made to Order Office Furniture

Buy Rite Office Furnishings has solutions and design consulting built to fit your space and budget!


Our team of design consultants can help you with the layout, design, and overall presentation of your office with scaled drawings and customized furniture.  We offer free, no obligation quotations and consultations, either in your office or at one the Buy Rite showrooms in the lower mainland. Our showroom in Vancouver has material samples, brochures, and displays of great new and used furniture.

Custom Office Furniture solutions include:

  • Custom Reception Desks
  • Floor to ceiling Privacy Panels
  • Private Office Enclosures with sliding or swing doors
  • Counter-tops
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Office Desks
  • Panel Systems and workstations
  • Custom furniture, mill work & cabinetry

No matter what scale your project is, Buy Rite Business Furnishings is always ready to assist you. We are your design experts in Office Furniture. Call us today at (604) 999-7483 with your ideas and we will transform your work space!

Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair

Selecting the Best Ergonomically Correct Chair

Hey, you, hunched over your computer!  I bet your back hurts doesn’t it?  That dull ache in your shoulders that doesn’t go away and a throbbing lower back that seems to linger? Reality check! It’s not your mattress! Believe it or not, if you have a job that requires you to sit at your desk for 8 hours a day your office chair is most likely the culprit.

If your chair is not ergonomic – you shouldn’t be sitting in it and Buy Rite Business Furnishings is here to save the day and your back!


Ergonomic chairs are proven to reduce back and neck strain.  It’s that simple.  With the long days we are all working, most spent in front of the computer, it’s important for you to put your health or the health of your employees first.  It’s not just back pain that a bad work chair can cause, you may also find yourself suffering from stress, fatigue, incorrect body posture and poor blood circulation.  For as hard as you work each day, you and your employees simply deserve better!

In 1968, Wilfred Dauphin developed ergonomic chairs to coincide with research on how computers were affecting office furniture!  It’s been a while since 1968, so there an abundant number of options out there for you.  So how will you choose?


Here are some good tips for choosing the best ergonomic chair for you:

  1. Choose a chair for its leg, back, arm and buttock support

It’s not just your back that suffers in a bad chair – it’s your whole system so be sure that the chair you choose properly supports each of these important body parts.  Slouching is a vice that a proper chair can eliminate from your life! Also, no one wants to feel like they’re slaving away at their computer – you want to sit on a cloud!

  1. Choose a chair that is easy to adjust for maximum comfort and support

Remember, everyone’s different so no one chair suits every person.  Choosing a chair that is easily adjustable ensures that your investment pays off.  Arm rests should adjust to reduce stress on wrists; chair height should be easily adjustable so that your feet aren’t swinging back and forth all day, and, of course, the chair you pick should make your lower back feel GOOD. Keep in mind that the more levers there are, the more you can adjust the chair to your specific needs.

  1. Choose the chair that matches your personality

These days Ergonomic chairs do not have to be clunky and unattractive.  There are multitudes of styles to suit every professional. Our manufacturers have branched out of the standard chair fabric to mesh and even leather. Imagine the comfort of a properly adjusted, soft leather chair that fully supports the natural alignment of your body! You might even forget you’ve been in front of the computer for hours on end!

Buy Rite Business Furnishings understands that office furniture no longer focuses on just aesthetics or functionality – these modern times have called for unity of these two concepts and our manufacturers have risen to the challenge, creating some chairs that are almost ‘modern works of art’.

So don’t hesitate – take care of yourself or your employees and select an ergonomic chair that reflects how much you value good health. Have a visit and view our selection of ergonomic chairs at A happy employee is a productive employee – we bet even your boss will be impressed!